SEATHWAITE - Real Stone & Wooden Ladies Sunglasses

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The Seathwaite is a revelation in frame design. Yes, you read the description correctly. 

This frame is veneered over the base Walnut  frame with REAL grey stone. Not resin copy or wood finish. We use a special technique to apply the stone onto the frame, seamlessly, with no sharp edges. The front surface has not been polished, just smoothed slightly. Therefore you can still feel the stone texture.

Don't worry about the weight either. As the veneer is very thin, there is virtually no weight difference than a normal frame.

The Seathwaiteis a small Lennon-esque round frame. Suitable for more petite face shapes. We have combined this frame with our great Dark Grey Solid Tint. 

Even though this product looks simple in design. You will find that the Seathwaite is built to withstand nearly anything that is thrown at it.

  • This frame is handmade and shows off the 100% natural  stone and Walnut wood
  • Fully CE Dark Solid Grey Tint
  • Strong and Durable, Sprung Hinged sides.
  • 100% Handmade
  • Each Pair with engraved logo on sides of frame and top right corner of the right lens for authenticity.
  • Check out the perfect frame shape for you.

Frame Material

Real grey stone, Walnut

Lens Material

TAC Polarized lens UV400 Cat3





Model Number


Each and every customer will receive included in the price:-
  • Luxury felt lined Bamboo sprung hinged case.
  • Branded, easy to carry cleaning bag.
  • Handmade and CE logo on side tips
  • UV information card
  • Plastic free packaging