About us


Hi everyone,
Welcome to Shaydz. 
Hope you found us ok.

Over the next few paragraphs, I will try and take you on a journey of mine, that made me arrive at this point in my life.
Over the past 20 years I have been involved in promoting and dispensing  glasses and sunglasses within the optical retail industry.

Thus, noticing that with that amount of frames being sold, most are discarded and thrown away.


We produce over 300 million tons of plastic every year. 50% of which, is utilised for just a few moments but is littering the planet for hundreds of years. More than 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans every year, including plastic optical and sunglasses frames.




The world around us means a lot to me. I wanted to think of a way I could help to reduce mass waste within the fashion optical and sunglasses industry. My other concern around designer and fashion items is the price tag. Too many middle men, taking too much profit.

This has lead me to SHAYDZ and a way to offer FSC and CE approved, high fashion, designer wooden framed sunglasses, at an affordable price.

I have sourced a fantastic variety of great looking, natural woods and produced cool and funky sunglasses frames to suit all faces (and pockets!). From stylish, retro aviators to modern, edgy and unusual styles. SHAYDZ brings quality, unique style and choice to your fingertips. All our sunglasses are handmade to the highest quality and have top class, polarised lenses as standard. Each frame comes with a bespoke cleaning bag and bamboo storage box. Avoiding plastic at all costs.

SHAYDZ is here to give you that fresh new look you've been waiting for.

Welcome to the new way of sunglasses wear.


Sefton Marks